History of a Bridal bouquet:

When and where appeared the first romantic accessory, such as bridal bouquet?  How to choose the right flowers for a wedding outfit, and right bridal bouquet? For centuries people used to decorate their weddings with flowers, and greenery. Nevertheless, first bridal bouquet, in bride’s hands, appeared in XIX century only, in United Kingdom on wedding of Queen Victoria, and Prince Albert. As we could say now – Queen Victoria has set a trend in bridal bouquets. Since then, a bridal bouquet is an important wedding attribute. Each of bridal bouquets symbolizes love, passion, affection, devotion, shyness, or attachment. But what bridal bouquet to choose for the wedding, and what trend in now on?

Modern bridal bouquets IN dUBAI SHARJAH

Modern trends of Bridal bouquets-

If we talk about form of the bouquet, we can say that bouquets, executed in a garden-free manner, are most popular among others and considered as a trend for the last 2-3 years. These kind of bouquets are very special, as they can’t be confused with any other traditional bouquet. The most significant characteristic is restrained and negligence embodied in surprising combinations – big splashy bouquets with big variety of flowers and greenery in the composition.

Floral Fancy Bridal Bouquet IN dUBAI sHARJAH

Bridal bouquets to stir the senses-

This year wild, garden-free bouquets will be even more popular than before. The only difference, comparing to previous years, these bouquets will be even lusher and bigger. These bridal bouquets are perfect for those who are not afraid of big three-dimensional forms, volume, and vivid combination.

Our version of a scruffy garden bouquet is Floral Fancy Bridal Bouquet, and Rainbow Bridal Bouquet, with roses, orchids, peonies which became the most popular among our brides. These types of bouquets harmoniously combine the lush texture and soft color scheme, with floral diversity. It incorporates several key trends and can be a great inspiration for brides for the upcoming wedding season.

wedding bouquet in Dubai and Sharjah

In addition to these disheveled bouquets, often as a wedding theme we can see laconic monochrome combinations. These are a perfect example of a classic wedding. Small in size, light in scale – these bouquets will appeal to more conservative brides or weddings with a traditional style. It is important to note that in spite of its compact size and the monochrome white and green palette of these bouquets continues to inspire by the garden flowers they are not in a form of a ball, and located at different level comparing to each other, and are complemented by greenery.

Bridal bouquets by Damas Flowers-

If you are planning to have a wedding, need help in organizing it from choosing a venue to best bridal bouquet – contact Damas Flowers. We are ready to organize your wedding from A to Z, and take care of all details. Damas Flowers is your savior.

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Bridal bouquet is one of the most important attributes, during any wedding ceremony. Every bouquet should be specially made for each bride, and radiate emotions of happiness and joy. It will be insulting to buy it on the market, or in a usual flower shop. It has to be made by a professional florist, as the bridal bouquet should look like a diamond in her hands.

What Does Bridal Bouquet Mean?

What exactly bridal bouquet is, and why fragile and gentle girl has to carry it the whole day? The answer is simple: bridal bouquet is one of the most important jewel of the wedding, and a very significant thing. Usually, bridal bouquets are made from flowers which majority of female love. It comes as fresh and fragrant addition to the bridal dress, and gives the image of the romance rapprochement with the nature.

Best bridal bouquet in Dubai

Bride and Her Bouquet

Wedding bridal bouquet takes the central place on the bride’s image. Rightly made bridal bouquet always emphasize the tenderness and beauty of the bride. Nowadays, bridal bouquets are so different, colorful, and can be made according to bride’s preferences.

Elegant Beauty Wedding Bouquet in dubai

While preparing, and designing bridal bouquet, it is very important to take into consideration color, and the size of it.

Magical White Bride Bouquet

Damas Flowers Knows Latest Trends of Bridal Bouquet

Damas Flowers has wonderful bouquets, such as (more…)

Dream Marriage – Wedding in Dubai!

If you want to arrange a breathtaking wedding, to amaze all your relatives, and guests then Dubai is the right place for you. This city is a real masterpiece that combines amazing skyscrapers, singing fountains with cultural heritage.

Destination Wedding in Dubai

Wedding in Dubai can be arranged differently in its grotesque contrasts: arrogant high-tech state of the art, preserved in Arabic script ornaments, bright mixture of East and West, ancestral traditions of the past and novelty of time, which gives a cosmopolitan city a special flavor and gives many opportunities for the fulfillment of your desires – from oasis in the desert and pristine beaches, riding a camel, swimming with dolphins to skydiving, sailing and more.

When thinking of marriage celebration, wedding arrangement and decoration is quite a delicate issue. The focal point is to decide the venue and theme of wedding decoration. For those, who don’t like a standard celebration, the best choice may be a wedding in Dubai. Beautiful nature and diverse architecture, a pleasant climate, friendly people – that’s all that you need for an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Centerpiece - Wedding in dubai

Unforgettable Wedding Dubai

Wedding in Dubai has many things to offer a lot of stunning and unforgettable places for the future ceremony. Everything depends on the wishes of the couple. It can be organized near beautiful beaches, on the hotel terrace, or in a restaurant, a yacht or even in the desert. If you really want to make this day memorable and enchanting – it is crucial to plan everything up to the smallest detail as devil is in the details. This is where Damas Flowers can help you.

Best wedding arrangement in Dubai – is our goal. Damas Flowers has a lot to offer: from aisle flower decoration, alphabetic wedding décor to beach floral decorations. Whether you want a vintage wedding ceremony or rustic themed wedding decoration – Damas Flowers is there to help you. We can satisfy every client’s need, at any time, and any cost…just name it and we arrange it.


Make your wedding ceremony in Dubai best decision of your life, TURN YOUR DREAM WEDDING PLAN INTO REALITY – contact Damas flowers today! Visit our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest today for more information!!

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aisles decoration

Flowers Arrangements for every occasion!

Attention to the family and loved ones, of course, should be clothed in beautiful form, and what can be better than tradition to give each other various kind of flower arrangements?

Flower arrangements, as a gift cannot be compared with anything else. Moreover, flower arrangements with floral touches evokes enormous positive emotions, which is why it is very important to choose it very carefully. Flower arrangements’ composition should fit the occasion and tastes of the recipient. (more…)

Ways to decorate your Wedding venue with Flowers!

Breathtaking Wedding Decoration Ideas:

As we love bunting and pom pom, similarly, flowers are best way to decorate wedding site. Flowers have the ability to instantaneously change the feel of the venue, they can be used as table décor, centerpieces, flower arch, floral back drops, aisle décor, pew ends and vintage cake decoration etc. Take a look at these breathtaking and glamorous creative ideas.

light of joy wedding decor


Flower centerpieces are pretty old idea to be used in wedding decoration, however, Damas flowers use centerpieces in a very elegant way which transform an ordinary site into a dazzlingly beautiful scene befitting a fairy tale. We also proffer potted flowers for a reusable table-center that can be given as gifts. We specialize in creating a tall centerpiece with candles looks beautiful, quirky and eclectic.

center of love

Pew ends and aisles:

Pew ends and aisle decoration might look little old-fashioned, but doing it with flowers gives it a modern look and at the same time makes it quite versatile. We even customize wedding theme as per your imagination.

Rainbow Floral Arrangements

Cake decorations:

Damas flowers do amazing art-work when it comes to wedding cake decoration. Fresh flowers can be used to decorate cakes, like, a few blooms on top can bring beauty in a simple cake, and moreover, each tier can be decorated for the full effect. Our designers are capable enough to turn your imagination into reality.

Multi-story Wedding Cake

Floral dramatic decor:

We strongly believe that there is no end of ideas, when it comes to decorating wedding area, for instance, a marquee, is the perfect thing to add appeal in your decoration plan. Similarly, we can also provide floral chandelier, a large hanging arrangement from the ceiling or twigs and branches are another innovative way to add the finishing touches to the site.

Seashell Symphony Beach Wedding Decor

So are you inspired now? Take a look at our other gorgeous flower ideas, visit our Facebook & Instagram pages.

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Flowers Arrangements for every occasion!

Attention to the family and loved ones, of course, should be clothed in beautiful form, and what can be better than tradition to give each other various kind of flower arrangements?

Flower arrangements, as a gift cannot be compared with anything else. Moreover, flower arrangements with floral touches evokes enormous positive emotions, which is why it is very important to choose it very carefully. Flower arrangements’ composition should fit the occasion and tastes of the recipient. (more…)

Flower Arrangements are best gift to give in the UAE!

Fresh flowers are our first choice whenever we plan for a gift.

Flower Arrangements are best gift idea, as they do not need to wrap and can be delivered effortlessly & instantly. At Damas Flowers, we work with industry experts at every step to ensure high quality flowers with swift delivery at your doorstep. We make sure that our clients get best of the best flower arrangements so that you can delight & amaze your loved ones. We proffer flowers for every occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries, to expressing appreciativeness, to wedding & party decoration. Feel free to visit to get more elaborated information of gift ideas.

Our few flower arrangements which are very popular among our regular clients in the UAE:

Dazzling Birthday Blooms – Stylish birthday celebration.


Make your loved ones’ birthday special by sending this impeccably created jovial bouquet along with heartfelt wishes to brighten their day. We create such striking flower bouquets with fresh flowers such as roses, daisies, carnations, moreover, use beautiful vase and decorated it with a birthday theme.

Get Well Soon Pat – An exquisite get well bouquet.


Sending a dainty flower arrangement to someone who is unwell is a brilliant idea to cheer them up and inspire a smile on their faces. We make such delicate flower arrangements with careful thought process and use all those flowers which best suit the motif. Using roses, sunflowers, daisy etc. is a go-to to showcase the perfect gesture.

Thanks You Cuddle – Convey “Gratitude” with this upbeat floral bunch.


Gifting flower arrangements are the best way to express thankfulness, a sweet move to bring a big grin to their faces. Damas flowers, leaves no stone unturned to create a cheery blend bunch with enthralling fragrance & a bright tint to perk up the recipient’s day.

New Arrival Wishes – Deliver “Happy Wishes” to new parents.


It’s a good idea to send a thoughtful flower arrangement to the parents on the arrival of their new baby. Becoming parents is one of the best & happiest milestone that human being achieves, thus congratulating the couple on their accomplishment is of utmost prominence. This gesture gives them exceptional emotional support & personal touch. Beautiful flower bouquet along with a teddy bear is the perfect choice for making the happy couple feel extra happy, a joyful gift that will not be forgotten ever.

Happily Hitched Bunch – Express “True Bliss” to the wedding couple.


An incredible flower arrangement coupled with a beautiful decorative touch is something that perfectly captures the attention of the recipient couple. The arrangement features a blend of colorful flowers with tempting fragrance & artful decoration is a perfect gift for sweetening the special day of “Would-be” couple.

At Damas Flowers, we turn imagination into reality. Feel free to share, what do you like? We create classic flower arrangements, such as, a dozen red roses only, something which is merry & bright or something which is entirely exclusive.

So are you inspired now? Take a look at our other gorgeous flower ideas, visit our Facebook & Instagram pages.

Have fun!

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