Bridal bouquet is one of the most important attributes, during any wedding ceremony. Every bouquet should be specially made for each bride, and radiate emotions of happiness and joy. It will be insulting to buy it on the market, or in a usual flower shop. It has to be made by a professional florist, as the bridal bouquet should look like a diamond in her hands.

What Does Bridal Bouquet Mean?

What exactly bridal bouquet is, and why fragile and gentle girl has to carry it the whole day? The answer is simple: bridal bouquet is one of the most important jewel of the wedding, and a very significant thing. Usually, bridal bouquets are made from flowers which majority of female love. It comes as fresh and fragrant addition to the bridal dress, and gives the image of the romance rapprochement with the nature.

Best bridal bouquet in Dubai

Bride and Her Bouquet

Wedding bridal bouquet takes the central place on the bride’s image. Rightly made bridal bouquet always emphasize the tenderness and beauty of the bride. Nowadays, bridal bouquets are so different, colorful, and can be made according to bride’s preferences.

Elegant Beauty Wedding Bouquet in dubai

While preparing, and designing bridal bouquet, it is very important to take into consideration color, and the size of it.

Magical White Bride Bouquet

Damas Flowers Knows Latest Trends of Bridal Bouquet

Damas Flowers has wonderful bouquets, such as: Berry Crush, Blissful Flower Bouquet, Buttercup Bouquet, Clustered Bridal Bouquet, or many others made in a green color.  That will be a good addition for those, who like green color. Why to choose green color, for a bridal bouquet? The answer is very simple: this juicy shade of warm green is a very positive and life-affirming color. Therefore, any inclusion of hue color will only benefit the design on a bridal bouquet. The choice of green color flowers are quite wide. It can be Ranunculus, tulips, chrysanthemum, viburnum, carnation, gladiolus, or orchid.

Juliet roses bridal bouquet in dubai

Another trend, of bridal bouquet color design, is pink, coral, and all shades of peach colors. These bouquets way bring freshness to bridal’s style. Damas Flowers can offer you amazing colorful dream bouquets, such as: Atlanta Romantic bouquet, Beauty Magic Wedding bouquet, Bloomsbury Hue Wedding bouquet, Brill Bridal bouquet, or many others. These bouquets look truly fashionable, special, and very “floral”. As for brides, these trends are win-win combination, as each of them can find their own unique combination of colors, and design. At this point, it is necessary to consider the basis color, wedding decoration style, bride’s dress. Good color palette, of a wedding bouquet, can only emphasize the natural beauty of a bride.

Silk bridal wedding bouquet

If you don’t know what bridal bouquet will suit you – ask Damas Flowers. Damas Flowers are specialists in wedding arrangement!

Love Damas Flowers!

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