Send correct Birthday Flowers to your loved ones!

Pick flowers to gift on the basis of birth month!

When picking flowers for someone’s birthday, it’s easy to go with seasonal choices or their favorite kind of flower or color. Cheerful birthday flowers include lilies, gerberas, and orchids arranged as an arrangement or a bunch.  However, your flower gift can be little more thoughtful than that.

Just like star signs, each month of the year has a birth month flower. And therefore, it been said that the personality traits of a person may be the same as the characteristics of that person’s birth month flower.  So here is a convenient guide to the kinds of flowers to wish ‘Happy Birthday’ from January to December.

Carnation – January


For people who born in the month of January, what better bloom to withstand this season than the resilient carnation.  Carnations convey love, distinction and fascination. Alike roses, the different colors of carnations have different meanings.


Best Iris in UAE

Iris is the birth flower for people who born in the month of February. A beautiful garden flower, it signifies hope faith and knowledge.  They are usually available in blue, purple, yellow and white.

Daffodils – March

Best Daffodils in UAE

March is the month of bright sunny and yellow daffodils. They are considered happy flowers and perfect for people who born this month. They symbolize new beginnings, friendship & respect.

Daisy – April

Best Daisy in UAE

Daisy is the flower for those who wish to be young forever. It is April’s birth flower & represents joy & child innocence.  Daises are available in so many colors and varieties.

Lily – May

Best Lily in UAE

Lily is considered birth flower for people who are born in the month of May. Lily is an attractive little white bell shaped flower, signifies sweetness and humility. It’s greatly used for gifts, weddings and flower decorations.

Rose – June

Best Rose in UAE

Rose is the birth flower for June babies. Roses are available is variety of colors and each color represent different emotions such as yellow for friendship, red for love, white for purity & innocence and pink for elegance etc. Thus, Roses are first choice & good to go for birthday wishes.

Delphinium – July

Best Delphinium in UAE

Delphinium is a perfect flower for people born in the month of July. Blue, white and purple delphiniums denotes people who are light hearted and enjoy sense of humor.


Best Gladioli in UAE

Gladioli is also Gladys. They represent moral integrity and strength. Gladioli can be find in almost all the colors of the rainbow – green, white, pink, yellow, red, purple and orange.


Best Aster in UAE

Aster is the birth flower for people born in September. It is perfect for whose personality is grounded by faith, love, and wisdom. Aster looks like beautiful little daisy, which blooms in red, pink, white, mauve and lilac.


Best Marigolds in UAE

Marigold is the birth flower for the month of October and signifies people who are warm, fierce and devoted.

Chrysanthemums – November

Best Chrysanthemums in UAE

Chrysanthemums flower is the best gift for November babies. It symbolizes happiness, compassion, joy and friendship.


Best Poinsettia in UAE

Poinsettia is the birth flower for those who born in the month of December. It is also a traditional Christmas flower.  This flower represents cheerfulness and future success.

Now you all know, which flower to gift in which month and to whom. Perhaps this article will help you to be more thoughtful while sending wishes to your loved ones in their birthdays.

Have fun!

Love Damas Flowers!

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Flowers for Family functions & ceremonies!

Flowers are always just right for all occasions:

Flowers are most unbelievable and unavoidable element of any culture. They are used as a means of communication to convey messages and hence considered very important in the day to day life of human being. Floral arrangement represent love, bliss, fertility and life. Culturally, different flowers carry different meaning.

Kesha Wedding Decoration

In some culture, white colour flower represent a sign of death, white rose symbolize innocence and purity, yellow rose denotes victory and a flower with thistles and thorns indicates unhappiness and pain in life.

best white beauty decor

Flowers alleviate anxiety, reduce stress and bring solace at funerals, on the other hand, they bring ecstasy, happiness and harmony in weddings and other joyous occasions.

pure white arrangement

Flowery arrangement helps to stand out your event from all the others, it makes your venue more lush and beautiful. It turns the whole environment soothing and relaxing. In case of funerals, flowers indicates as an everlasting tribute to the loved one lost and works as a perpetual reminder of affection and friendship to support the bereaved through the grieving process.


Regional, social and cultural manifestations of flower gifting is another essential aspect in our society which cannot be left unnoticed. Any event worth the name is perfect for flower gifts. If we start counting the occasions on which flowers can be gifted, the counting will never stop. Hence, flowers are considered the most accepted of all the gifts for any event what so ever.

Graceful White Table Decor - 2

Have fun!

Love Damas Flowers!

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wedding decor

Ways to decorate your Wedding venue with Flowers!

Breathtaking Wedding Decoration Ideas:

As we love bunting and pom pom, similarly, flowers are best way to decorate wedding site. Flowers have the ability to instantaneously change the feel of the venue, they can be used as table décor, centerpieces, flower arch, floral back drops, aisle décor, pew ends and vintage cake decoration etc. Take a look at these breathtaking and glamorous creative ideas.

wedding decoration in dubai


Flower centerpieces are pretty old idea to be used in wedding decoration, however, Damas flowers use centerpieces in a very elegant way which transform an ordinary site into a dazzlingly beautiful scene befitting a fairy tale. We also proffer potted flowers for a reusable table-center that can be given as gifts. We specialize in creating a tall centerpiece with candles looks beautiful, quirky and eclectic.

centerpieces table decor

Pew ends and aisles:

Pew ends and aisle decoration might look little old-fashioned, but doing it with flowers gives it a modern look and at the same time makes it quite versatile. We even customize wedding theme as per your imagination.

aisles decoration

Cake decorations:

Damas flowers do amazing art-work when it comes to wedding cake decoration. Fresh flowers can be used to decorate cakes, like, a few blooms on top can bring beauty in a simple cake, and moreover, each tier can be decorated for the full effect. Our designers are capable enough to turn your imagination into reality.

wedding cake decoration

Floral dramatic decor:

We strongly believe that there is no end of ideas, when it comes to decorating wedding area, for instance, a marquee, is the perfect thing to add appeal in your decoration plan. Similarly, we can also provide floral chandelier, a large hanging arrangement from the ceiling or twigs and branches are another innovative way to add the finishing touches to the site.

wedding floral decoration

So are you inspired now? Take a look at our other gorgeous flower ideas, visit our Facebook & Instagram pages.

Love Damas Flowers!

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Flower Arrangements for Corporate events!

Flowers, an imperative factor for businesses in UAE market too:

Fresh flowers send the message that your company embrace creativity, style and that you pay attention to detail. These days flowers are not just for giving a gift on birthday functions or using for weddings decoration, rather they can be used in corporate events too. With their pleasing fragrances, vibrant hues and attractive designs they have the ability to transform the ambience of the organization and to wow your guests by using expensive, sophisticated and elegant flower displays.


Flowers help to effectively communicate the theme of your organization and bring perfection to the event. Floral arrangements are often used in reception area, retail establishment, hotel foyer, waiting rooms, and showroom; in fact anywhere across corporate vicinity.


Flowers are never just flowers positioned in a budvase, they can be displayed in a way which can create first impression to your clients.

Have fun!

Love Damas Flowers!

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This Eid pay a visit to your local Flower Shop!

This Eid Order Flowers Online

Be thou the first to express your Eid Al Fitr greetings to your near and dears this Eid.

The holy month of Ramadan is about to conclude. After a month’s dedicated devotion and rigorous religious penance, one certainly deserves a grand celebration on Eid Al Fitr by following the norms and procedures of Islam.

It is said:-

Flowers are living, they speak if it’s a gift;

Kiss and woes all elope, remains their no rift” 

elegant tulip--800

Sending flowers this Eid to friends, loved ones, to your special someone, relations will not only enchant your life, it will make you someone very extraordinary caring and compassionate.

This human life of ours is not for self alone, it is for others as well. One must adopt the character of a flower in one’s life. During this Eid everyone must gift flowers to your near and dears. This will give you an inspiration to be human, to love mankind. Our holy Prophet Hazrat Mohd  Hazoor-e-ala Salai-ul-e-sullum (PBUH) had preached, “Allah loves those who love mankind”. As a true devotee and follower of Islam do not miss the opportunity to present flowers this EID. Eid Al Fitr is a very special occasion to express your love, gratitude and reverence to your very special ones. Breaking away from the traditional gifting to gifting flowers in a psychedelic manner will add a special meaning to yourflowery expression.

Flower’s characteristics are numerous. It’s fragrance, beautiful looks, its very presence charges one with energy, freshness, happiness, courage adding a new spark in one’s life. It is upon you now to decide, “What to do”?

flower arrangements 1200

Opportunities in life are rare therefore encash it as it comes. It is rightly said, “time and tide waits for none”.

Flowers of different kind and varieties have specific names and reference. The traditional market of flowers dominating in the oxidant are now shifting to the oriental markets of Gulf which definitely is a well-deserved change.

Men are aware:-

“Amidst the Gulf heat, Ramadan is the task of the hour;

“Allah Mohaabat Saabreen”, HE will bless you with power”

Lastly, flowers are very many and in different colours and shape. Choose the colour of your like and choice for gifting. You, I am sure will be blessed and rewarded by Allah the Almighty.

heavely yellow roses-200 dhs

Damas flowers is at your service this Eid Al Fitr with all humbleness.

Wish you all “Eid Al Fitr Al Mubarak”.


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Wedding bouquet in Dubai

A Brief synopsis!

Flower Arrangements & Flower Delivery!

Flowers are the elixir of life, is an old universal saying. It is a thing of beauty, a joy forever. Visually it is decent, pleasing, elegant, eye inspiring and in many ways the means to acquire health, happiness and prosperity.

simple beach decoration

It was the charm of flowers which enticed both men and women in to the floral and flower arrangements business. The concept of thought to please mankind and thereby to earn money through flower business was indeed an idea invincible and thus this business was the outcome.

Flowers Arrangements in Sharjah

Some florists having the knowledge of floristry adopted this profession. Some florists having some idea and experience in the floral trade also jumped in this business, but there were also some men who had no knowledge at the all of the floral business also adopted this profession just for the sake of a new business adoption.  All these three different characteristics had got one thing common in their minds and that was to earn money.

The floral business though appears to be very simple and attractive to look at, truly speaking is not just so. An enormous business exercise is involved therein vis-a-via procurement policy, storage and handing, transportation-logistics, selection, flower alignment and arrangement, flower intermixing, flower decoration, flower shopping arcades identification, flower sales, flower delivery, administration and merchandising coupled with a brain to understand the complexities and vividness so as to correctly utilize one’s sense and sensibility for researching the market trends, traditions and icono-classicisms.

In this process chain subtle periodical surveys, personal introspection exercises, buyer-seller interactions to address issues for betterment, door-door enquiry campaigns together with business display at prominent places are done in order to assess and ascertain the actual psychic nerve of the valued customers.

Flowers Arrangements in UAE

Need not to say, flower delivery & flower arrangements business is definitely an art but its execution, management, administration, merchandising techniques, arrangements, delivery mechanism, digital marketing, online methodology, reliable aftersales service, customer ear marking gives this art a new scientific dimension and definition.

Despite the harmonious intermingling of “art and science” in the floral industry, the key factor which dominates to date is the CV (curriculum vitae) of the pro-active players managing the floral business.

Online flower delivery in dubai

In this context, “Mohannad Nader”- CEO – Owner of Damas Flowers, UAE possessing individual talent, expertise, dedication and drive, an envisaging attitude coupled with the neo-skill transformation abilities for growth, stability and development, clearly separates him from its contemporaries thus making him a character to reckon with in Dubai.

Damas Flowers’ online flower delivery business practice, unique flower arrangements, digital flower delivery mechanism and methodology, punctuality to dot service with human compassion has made his image portrayal of an unmatched parallel in Dubaia and across UAE. And hence, Damas flowers is the talk of the town these days.

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Another Weekend!

Flower Arrangements:

Fragrance, color and utter seasonal beauty are always at our fingertips when it comes to any event.  Flowers are required everywhere, be it wedding, birthday, corporate events or any other get-together,


Flowers and feelings have a paramount connection made in heaven, that’s why crafting a right flower piece for our clients is of the most important decisions we make as florists!

Roses are known for their longevity and scent, Lilies are colorful and delicate and glorious Daisy is for freshness. This weekend, let your loved ones enjoy the beauty and bloom of flowers at their finest, our flower collection is exquisite, come take a sneak peek.


Have fun!

Love Damas Flowers!

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