Flowers Arrangements for every occasion!

Attention to the family and loved ones, of course, should be clothed in beautiful form, and what can be better than tradition to give each other various kind of flower arrangements?

Flower arrangements, as a gift cannot be compared with anything else. Moreover, flower arrangements with floral touches evokes enormous positive emotions, which is why it is very important to choose it very carefully. Flower arrangements’ composition should fit the occasion and tastes of the recipient. (more…)


Flower Arrangements are best gift to give in the UAE!

Fresh flowers are our first choice whenever we plan for a gift.

Flower Arrangements are best gift idea, as they do not need to wrap and can be delivered effortlessly & instantly. At Damas Flowers, we work with industry experts at every step to ensure high quality flowers with swift delivery at your doorstep. We make sure that our clients get best of the best flower arrangements so that you can delight & amaze your loved ones. We proffer flowers for every occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries, to expressing appreciativeness, to wedding & party decoration. Feel free to visit to get more elaborated information of gift ideas.

Our few flower arrangements which are very popular among our regular clients in the UAE:

Dazzling Birthday Blooms – Stylish birthday celebration.


Make your loved ones’ birthday special by sending this impeccably created jovial bouquet along with heartfelt wishes to brighten their day. We create such striking flower bouquets with fresh flowers such as roses, daisies, carnations, moreover, use beautiful vase and decorated it with a birthday theme.

Get Well Soon Pat – An exquisite get well bouquet.


Sending a dainty flower arrangement to someone who is unwell is a brilliant idea to cheer them up and inspire a smile on their faces. We make such delicate flower arrangements with careful thought process and use all those flowers which best suit the motif. Using roses, sunflowers, daisy etc. is a go-to to showcase the perfect gesture.

Thanks You Cuddle – Convey “Gratitude” with this upbeat floral bunch.


Gifting flower arrangements are the best way to express thankfulness, a sweet move to bring a big grin to their faces. Damas flowers, leaves no stone unturned to create a cheery blend bunch with enthralling fragrance & a bright tint to perk up the recipient’s day.

New Arrival Wishes – Deliver “Happy Wishes” to new parents.


It’s a good idea to send a thoughtful flower arrangement to the parents on the arrival of their new baby. Becoming parents is one of the best & happiest milestone that human being achieves, thus congratulating the couple on their accomplishment is of utmost prominence. This gesture gives them exceptional emotional support & personal touch. Beautiful flower bouquet along with a teddy bear is the perfect choice for making the happy couple feel extra happy, a joyful gift that will not be forgotten ever.

Happily Hitched Bunch – Express “True Bliss” to the wedding couple.


An incredible flower arrangement coupled with a beautiful decorative touch is something that perfectly captures the attention of the recipient couple. The arrangement features a blend of colorful flowers with tempting fragrance & artful decoration is a perfect gift for sweetening the special day of “Would-be” couple.

At Damas Flowers, we turn imagination into reality. Feel free to share, what do you like? We create classic flower arrangements, such as, a dozen red roses only, something which is merry & bright or something which is entirely exclusive.

So are you inspired now? Take a look at our other gorgeous flower ideas, visit our Facebook & Instagram pages.

Have fun!

Love Damas Flowers!

Written and posted by Aditi Bhatt.

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Another Weekend!

Flower Arrangements:

Fragrance, color and utter seasonal beauty are always at our fingertips when it comes to any event.  Flowers are required everywhere, be it wedding, birthday, corporate events or any other get-together,


Flowers and feelings have a paramount connection made in heaven, that’s why crafting a right flower piece for our clients is of the most important decisions we make as florists!

Roses are known for their longevity and scent, Lilies are colorful and delicate and glorious Daisy is for freshness. This weekend, let your loved ones enjoy the beauty and bloom of flowers at their finest, our flower collection is exquisite, come take a sneak peek.


Have fun!

Love Damas Flowers!

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Summer Vacation Around The Corner!

Party & Wedding Flowers:

Summer vacation is a time happiness and excitement finds its way to you from nowhere.

This summer we get you novel designs in a variety of wonderful color and shapes, to help you make the right selection for your special occasion.

Wedding flowers Dubai

At Damas Flowers, we like to play with colors at the same time keep designs modern and classic. Here are few teasers for our Summer Vacations’ collection, our luxurious wreaths will follow soon.

We’d love to hear what you think of them, so visit our Instagram and Facebook pages and let us know.

Excited yet?  We definitely are!


Love Damas Flowers!

Written and posted by Aditi Bhatt.

Copyright: 2016. All rights reserved.